DEC 2016

Successful solution provided to a customer with a huge problem infact a 75M one!!

We were asked by a company who are a Global Brand if we could help them with a serious issue with the new weighing system they had. The system was designed and built for weighing 75M long turbine blades once they have been manufactured. The weighing procedure is a critical part of the manufacturing process. The system had arrived with no evidence or proof of calibration and were unable to use the system which held up the rest of production which meant a very short turn around, a serious issue for weighing something over 25,000kg. 

We were called in to survey the system and the process, once we had spoken with the customer to ascertain that their needs and requirements were fully understood we presented them with a solution. After completing an initial inspection and test we found a number of issues that needed attention before the system could be calibrated and passed for use.

We carried out a few modifications to the system and a repair, then set about the task of calibrating the system. After being given a tolerance of accuracy to get the system within of 250 to 500kg we have successfully completed the task and brought the system to within 20kg +/- way beyond the customers expectations.

If you have an issue with a piece of Weighing Equipment, a system you have currently or need solution to a problem then give us a call and let us help.


OCT 2016

Social Media

We are now on Facebook & Twitter, links to our pages will be added shortly.


OCT 2016

Changes to our website

We will be updating our website during November & December to help make it easier to find the products you need. We will also be adding new products to our current range.


MAR 2016

The SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) to require, as a condition for loading a packed container onto a ship for export, that the container has a verified weight. The shipper is responsible for the verification of the packed container’s weight. This requirement will become legally effective on July 1,2016.

After that date, it would be a violation of SOLAS to load a packed container onto a vessel if the vessel operator and marine terminal operator do not have a verified container weight.

The SOLAS amendments provide that there are two methods shippers may use to determine the container weight once the container packing process has taken place. This requirement will apply globally. Shippers, freight forwarders, vessel operators, and terminal operators will all need to establish policies and procedures to ensure the implementation of this regulatory change.

click here for more information

FEB 2016

New Range of Dini Argeo Lab Balances available

The New ALP Precision & Analytical balances are a cost effective and reliable range of balances to rival any on the market today. All models come complete with Internal Auto Calibration included.

Suitable for laboratories, pharmacy and industrial applications. The multifunctional program adds to the weigh function high precision conversion and counting. The serial port RS232 allows to transmit the data to pc or printer



  • Analytical: 210g x 0.0001g, 410g x 0.001g & 510g x 0.001g
  • Precsion:  2100g x 0.01g & 4100g x 0.01g
All versions in the range are CE-M  Approveable.

Call for prices and further information.

MAY 2015



MAY 2015

MEATUP 2015 exhibition

We will be attending and exhibiting at this years MEATUP 2015 show held on June 30th to July1st at NAEC Stoneleigh.

We will be launching the TRAUST range of Weighing & Processing Equipment into the UK.

Call or contact us for more information or a free invitation to the exhibition

MAR 2015

New Laumas Multi Channel Weight Transmitter - TML8

LAUMAS extends its range of weight transmitters for PC-PLC, offering the new TLM8 series, with graphic display and 8 INDEPENDENT READING CHANNELS FOR LOAD CELLS. The TLM8 transmitter offers the benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analog load cells.

  • Mounting: Omega/DIN rail for back panel or IP67 junction box
  • Analog output 16bit.
  • RS485 serial port - Modbus RTU
  • Fieldbuses (optional):  Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, Ethernet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link,  SERCOS III.

Among the most innovative features:
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU)/fieldbus transmission of the divisions for the 8 independent reading channels.
  • TEST key: direct access to the diagnostic functions with graphically display of the current load distribution on each active channel with archive backups: storing, retrieving, printing.
  • Digital equalization: the instrument allows to equalize the connected load cells, response in a fast and reliable over time, avoiding use of junction boxes with trimmer.
  • Significant events archive (zeroing, calibration, equalization, alarms): storing, retrieving, printing.
  • Automatic diagnostics: the instrument is designed to store the percentage value of load distribution for each channel. The diagnostic function makes comparisons between the recorded values and if a significant variation between the values is detected during normal operation, the instrument displays an alarm alternating with the weight value. Depending on the weighing system type it’s possible to perform:
    1. Load diagnostics: load distribution control in constant barycentre systems (e.g. liquids silo).
    2. Diagnostics on zero: check on load cells drift state (eg. silo, weighbridge, platformes)


  • UL Recognized Component - United States and Canada
  • Customs Union Certification - Russian Federation standards
  • OIML R76:2006 (European Directive 2009/23/EC (NAWI)


AUG 2014

Shows and Exhibitions we are attending Sept 2014

We will be attending the 'Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems' Exhibition at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre 3rd & 4th Sept 2014 and also the 'Sensor & Intrumentation' Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham 30th Sept & 1st October 2014.

At both Exhibitions we will be displaying the Laumas Elettronica range of Weight Indicators & Transmitters along with a the range of Load Cells. Also on display will be a range of ATEX approved equipment.

Come to see us on: Stand 400 at 'Instrumentation Scotland'

                                  Stand B19 at 'Sensor & Instrumentation'


July 2014,

Successful installation providing the solution to a customers needs

The customer needed to improve the way they recorded the weighings they carried out for making up batches of colouring for the production of paint. The equipment currently used by the customer was not able to create a batch number and was using impact printers which where constantly running dry due to the heat in the production area. During our intial visit we spoke with the customer about their requirements and made a suggestion to help improve the way they collected and inputted the data into the PC system. Due to the Weighing Systems being on mobile cart's connection to PC was unworkable so we suggested recording to a USB memory on the Indicator.

We supplied and installed the Dini Argeo DFWXP indicator to their existing carts with a thermal tally roll printer & USB Memory option. Set up and configured with 2 ID Codes the operator can enter. By providing this solution they can now print & record all data to the integrated USB option and simply take the USB stick from the indicator and download this into any PC using excel or csv file giving a basic audit trail and traceability of each batch in production. 


June 2014

Website makeover just about done!!!

At last our website changes have just about being completed with only a few products left to add. We will also be adding a new section in our Products page for TRAUST Processing Equipment & Solutions for the Meat, Poultry & Fish Industry. 

April 2014

Changes to our website

We are currently undertaking changes to our website. These changes involve rearranging the site a little to make it easier to navigate and view the products. We will be updating and adding the products in the Laumas & Dini Argeo range of Weighing Equipment & Products.

Alot of the products will have disappeared temporarily whilst we move bits and pieces around on the site & adding products. If you can not see the product you are looking for please call us on 01482 228173


Jan 2014 

Dini Argeo EGT Indicator 

The EGT from Dini Argeo is a digital weight indicator with a big touch screen display, ideal for advanced applications.

It allows the visualization of all the weighing data and the customization of the screens, simplifying it for the user & operations.

The EGT is an ideal indicator for Batching/Filling, Counting, Average Weight, Labelling & Vehicle Weighing Applications

For more information click here


Oct 2013

Updates to our website

We are currently undertaking changes and updates to our website.

Please continue to use the site and if you can not seem to find what you are looking for during the changes just call or email us your requirements.


Sept 2013

Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition at the NEC

We will be attending and exhibiting at the Sensor & Instrumentation Exbition at the NEC 25th - 26th September 2013.

We will have on display a range of Load Cells, Accessories & Weight Indicators & Transmitters to cover almost all possible applications in Industry.

For more details on the exhibition click here 


August 2013

Final push to break cling film world record.

STAFF and youngsters at the Hessle Road Network should find out next week if they have broken the world record for the largest ball of cling film.

The challenge has proved greater than first thought and the task has taken place on several days over the summer holidays.

The cling film being used has been donated to the project by Arco Ltd and Lorrimar Weighing Ltd has agreed to verify the weight to Guinness.

For more on the story click here



June 2013

Laumas introduces onto the market the new range of WTAB weight indicators which are ideal for table-top installation.

The design has a high degree of ergonomics, and is created so as to maximize the aesthetics of the product. Thanks to the engineering of the shape, the electrical connections and wiring are completely "hidden".
The WTAB, fitted as standard with counting function, totalizer and numerous function keys, allows a simple and intuitive use. The series is approved in accordance with European Directives 2009/23/EC (NAWI) and 2004/22/EC (MID) and the International recommendations OIML R76 and OIML R61.

On request:

 • Integrated thermal printer.
 • Statistical control of pre-packaged goods.
 • USB port to store data related to batching or to connect a PC keyboard.
 • Integrated output: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen or weight transmission via radio.


May 2013

The Laumas Range Weight Indicators & Transmitters and Load cells

You will notice some changes happening to our website over the coming months as we will be adding the complete range of Weight Indicators and Transmitters from Laumas Elettronica along with the range of load cells etc.


19th October 2012

The full Laumas Elettronica range of Indicators and Transmitters for Weighing & Batching System will be added to our website shortly.


19th October 2012

New from Laumas are the TLE and the TLB range of Weight Transmitters.

TLE Weight Transmitter               TLB Series

                 The TLE                                                      The TLB

The TLE is a Weight transmitter and indicator for Omega/DIN rail mounting suitable for back panel or junction box. Dimensions: 90 x 95 x 60 mm. Eight-digit alphanumeric LCD two-line display (5 mm high). Digital rotary control (Encoder) with integrated button.

The TLB485 is a Weight transmitter and indicator for Omega/DIN rail mounting suitable for back panel; space-saving vertical shape. Six-digit semialphanumeric display (8mm), 7 segment LED. Four buttons.Dimensions: 25x115x120 mm. The instrument is equipped with a serial port that can operate in RS485 for connection to: PC/PLC up to 32 instruments (max 99 with line repeaters) by ASCII Laumas protocol or ModBus RTU. Optional protocols: Profi bus DP, Ethernet/ModbusTCP, USB and Radio by appropriate converter.

For more details on these Transmitters or for further information on the Laumas Elettronica range please contact us by phone or email.


18th August 2012     

LAUMAS now available in the UK                                                      

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed the Sole Distributor for the UK and N. Ireland for LAUMAS ELETTRONICA laumas

Laumas are an Italian manufacturer of high quality and reliable Weighing Indicators & Transmitters for Weighing & Batching Systems and Automations as well as a range of quality load cell and mounting kits.

We will be adding the complete range of Laumas products onto our website as soon as possible. If you would like any information on the Laumas range in the meantime please call us on 01482 228173.



15th August 2012Load Master with hand held readout

New Product 

The LWL Load Master is a Tension Load cell. It comes in two versions a cabled readout or a wireless version. With capacities from 2.5T upto 300T.

For more infomation call us on 01482 228173 or click here


 14th August 2012

Work in progress 

We are still working on the new website adding products each week. We had hoped to have the majority done by now but due to an exceptionally heavy & busy workload since we launched (isn't that always the case) we have not been able to devote as much time doing this. We will be working hard on this in the next month or so to get the products on.

We will also be working on the download section shortly, where you will be able to request a password and get access to manuals & brochures and any other items that would be useful tools for you.


21st & 22nd July 2012

Filling System Installation 

We have just completed a system installation for a company in Grimsby. The customer is a leading Fish Processor in the UK and had a requirement for a new weighing system for filling tubs to 20 & 25kg at the end of their filleting line.

After meeting with the customer we designed, built and installed the system to their requirements. The system comprises of 4 seperate scales with setpoints linked to a control cabinet top activate the opening and closing of doors on the chutes at the end of the fillting lines outfeed conveyor.

Each scale has a push button stop/start control and to aid the operator a red & green light so they know instantly if they are in fill mode or the fill cycle has reached its target weight and closed the door.

Before we started   Platforms and Indicators mounted, wiring up the system  Chutes 2 & 3 with start/stop controls & pneumatic doors  Completed installation, ready for operation      

The turn round of this job from intial discussion to finished installation was less than 2 weeks due to their tight production schedules and need for a speedy solution.

If you have a requirement for something similar, would like to know more about the Weighing Systems we can offer please contact us.


28th May 2012

Our new website goes live!!

Our new website is here at last! The new site and format has been designed to make it simple and easy to use to find exactly what you need. If you are unsure of what you need or require any help call us, we are here to help and offer you honest independant advice to your requirement/application.

Our news page will be updated on a regular basis not only on the products we supply but the services we provide, special offers, recent installations, Exhibitions we are attending, Industry news and much more.

As you will have no doubt noticed if you have already browsed the new site we are still in the process of adding all the products, this will be done over the coming weeks.

Hope you like the new site!!!