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The company was established to design and manufacture processing machinery for pelagic fish and crustaceans, and to provide enterprising clients with professional consultancy and adequate engineering on the creative ideas, ingenuity and inventions by the company's staff.

Most of the technologies employed by TRAUST result from independent development within the company, some are achieved in cooperation with clients, others obtained through joint ventures with experienced manufacturers in Iceland and abroad. To provide clients always with the best, TRAUST employs a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers as well as a food scientist.

In more than thirty years of existence, TRAUST has developed and produced a number of stationary installations as well as a variety of highly specialized plants for use on land, board ships, such as capelin processing lines, scallop machines, shrimp plants, shellfish machines and salting systems.

Injection Systems (2)

Inject brine into Fish, Meat or Poultry while protecting the product during injection, up to 10-30% more product to sell.
Injection Systems

Portioning (1)

The system scans a product in motion, then calculates cuts to create maximum value portions

Flow Scales & Graders Fish / Meat / Poultry (1)

The highly economical Flowscale is a part of a line of low-cost Advanced Grading Equipment that offers essential high-tech machine
Flow Scales & Graders Fish / Meat / Poultry

Flow Lines and Trimming/Filleting Lines (1)

Shorten the processing time of products traveling on the line and eliminate delays.
Flow Lines and Trimming/Filleting Lines